Get Involved, Be Part of the Solution.

What's the score in Vermont?

  • In 2006, more than 9 Vermonters called domestic violence crisis hotlines every hour.
  • Q. What can men do?
  • 11% of Vermont students reported that they were touched against their wishes or were forced to touch someone else sexually. Girls were over 3 times more likely to report this.

Step up to the Plate

  • Men play a major role in stopping violence against women.
  • Incases of sexual assault, intervening helped stop 45% of crimes from taking place.
  • Men are more likely to intervene than women.
  • Take the Pledge.

Men are the MVP.

  • Most men do not rape.
  • Between 85-95% of men do not sexual assault, attempt rape, or rape.

Take the Pledge

  • Take the Pledge

Take action. Take the Pledge:

Act now to end men's violence against women. Take the pledge today and make a real and lasting change in the lives of your loved ones.

About the Pledge

Domestic and sexual violence is more than just a woman's issue.

A minority of men are responsible for the problem. The majority of men can stop it. Start by taking the pledge. Make a personal pledge never to commit, condone nor remain silent about violence against women. Talk with another man or boy about your commitment to oppose violence against women.
Take action. Take the Pledge.